This Year’s Campaign

Dear Citizens of City Council District 9:
Am I running for re-election? Yes, I am seeking the consent of District 9 voters to continue to
serve them as their Council Member. The At-large seat I have held for the last eleven years, as
you know, was converted into the Federal Court ordered 1district/ward election system.
I look forward to meeting with and listening to the residents of District 9 during my robust
campaign/job interview.

Expanding the scope and expense of local government are inconsistent with the near-term
challenges Council faces. The major challenges are record high forty-year inflation and high city
vacancy rates influenced by structural labor market forces. Council needs to focus on delivering
the core functions of government in an affordable manner.

Families’ falling purchasing power, rising interest rates, and wages lagging the impact of
inflation demand that local government tighten its belt. I did not vote to increase the real estate
tax rate by 8.66 percent. City Council increasing the real estate tax rate from 91 cents to 99 cents
ignored the financial stress working families and seniors are under from gas prices, food prices,
and the cost of keeping a roof over their heads.

I will continue to serve as a firewall between the insatiable appetite of government and the
paychecks and pensions of working families and seniors, respectively. I developed and
presented an alternative budget with a real estate tax rate of 91 cents. My proposal delivered the
operational needs in the adopted budget without an 8.66 percent tax rate increase. High value
and effective government does not have to equal expensive government.

My commitment remains to be your voice and vote of reason on City Council. With courage,
commitment, and honor, I will strive to earn your trust every day. Your trust is not taken for

I trust the collective voice of the people. At the same time, I do not pander to the loudest voice
of the moment or to special interests. I will continue to seek the people’s counsel. Reason and
active listening will guide my votes.

I love doing the work of a council member. My passion is doing the homework necessary to
preserve the best of our past and build a more prosperous future for the place we call home. I
will balance providing services today with the need to invest in the future to keep our community
viable. I share District 9 residents’ concerns regarding high-density development. I was on the
losing end of the 7 to 4 Council vote approving the A-36 zoning for Windsong Apartments on
Pleasure House Road, which was opposed by all civic leagues in the community.

The Marlin Bay multi-use A-36 with retail B-4 rezoning that universally opposed by the community’s civic
leagues was withdrawn by the applicant due my teaming up with Council Member Louis Jones,
based on bringing to light it took nine votes to close the involved public streets. I understand the
value of neighborhood preservation.

I hear the peoples’ concerns regarding the cost of government growing faster than the incomes of
Beach residents. My track record reflects that I respect how hard you work for your income.
The balance sheet of families and businesses, not government, is the measure of Council’s
success. The City’s budget is far from being as lean as the budgets of working families and

The principles of effective and efficient limited government, personal liberty, free enterprise,
equal opportunity, and accountability
define me as a council member. Performing the core
functions of government with private sector efficiency and public sector accountability is how I
see my fiduciary duty.

Public service is not just in my blood, it is my life. I served as a DOD civilian supporting the
Navy’s missions for over forty-years. The Secretary of the Navy recognized my 41 years of
service with the Distinguished Civilian Service Award. Each acknowledgment of my service
and accomplishments, which were made possible by co-workers along the way, was humbling
and a source of pride. I bring the same work ethic and values of honor, courage, and
commitment to the position of council member. I have conveyed these same values to Boy
Scouts for over 30 years.

I cannot compose the sequence of words to define the debt of gratitude I owe my wife, Kathy,
and my children for enabling my life of public service. Their encouragement is the source of my
reserve energy when the day is long and success proves elusive.
Each district council member, by design, is an advocate for the district they represent. At the
same time, each member has to look beyond their district’s concerns to address the larger issues
that cross district lines, such as flood prevention and the City’s bond rating. Having served as
both a borough council member and an at-large council member, I have experience in finding the
right balance.

Please join me on Wednesday, June 15, 2022 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at Kelly’s Tavern in
Haygood Shopping Center (1049 Independence Blvd) for my campaign kick-off. It is not a
fund-raising event. It is my District 9 community campaign kick-off.

I am available at 757-636-1534. Text is preferred as it provides me greater flexibility in making
sure I possess the information to answer your questions or provide the service desired. This is
my personal number.

John D. Moss